Dec 16, 2015

Save the Sole of the Ocean

Endurance athletes sure do put the “Active” in “Activist.” Whether it’s fundraising for a charity marathon or ride, or raising awareness for issues they are passionate about – endurance athletes commit their heart and soul to the cause… or should we say “sole.”

Last week Adidas' revealed their new concept shoe that utilizes recycled plastic from the world’s oceans and 3D prints usable shoe soles. This technology, although still experimental, could have a profound impact on the pollution of mother nature’s seaways.

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A few months ago, Adidas announced a partnership with Parley for the Oceans, an environmental organization that aims to end pollution of the world’s oceans, to create a new concept of eco-friendly sneakers, made from from plastic waste found in oceans, such as fishing nets and recycled objects. And now the German footwear manufacturer also created a 3D-printed midsole, aiming to set new, more sustainable standards in the…